Team Building Activities

10 Meaningful Team Building Activities for Strong Teams

Team Building Activities

Team building activities can be awkward. When you’re used to interacting with people in a professional context, letting go can be a challenge, especially when you’re asked to be vulnerable. However, the benefits of strong peer relationships in the workplace are unparalleled, especially when it comes to organizational culture. A natural inclination would be to search for Team Building Activities that facilitate team bonding—and the results that may pop up… may not be the most effective. In a study by Vodafone UK and YouGov, “the majority of workers (66%) surveyed have been made into some form of Team Building Activities, [and] more than half (54%) do not feel that way.

More will help them work better with their partners.” To build strong teams, we need to bridge the gap between conservative Team Building Activities and real, meaningful team bonding. And not with trust falling apart. is about to happen. trust us.

Do’s and Don’ts of Team Building Activities

The word “compulsory” is often a source of fear. So let’s kick this out of our Team Building Activities vocabulary for now. It is important for entire teams to participate in activities, but more importantly, it is important to involve employees individually and invest in building strong teams.

So plan things your employees really enjoy! Don’t think that everyone likes to bowl or that it’s okay to stay up late for happy hour. On the other hand, if everyone in the office is really concerned about hiking or a particular board game, you suddenly have a great opportunity to make a connection.

Consider encouraging team members to plan their own events. It provides opportunities for cross-team collaboration in the office and makes connections across different departments. For example, Bonsley’s Terrace House Appreciation Club brings together fans from different teams and regional offices to focus on Japanese reality television. Since it stems from a shared interest, we look forward to watching an episode together each week to decompress and socialize with team members we might not normally be able to interact with.

Effective Team Building Activities

Based on research, trial and error, and our own experiences, here are five Team Building Activities—that build truly strong teams. I

1. Eat Lunch Together

This first one is easy. The simple act of having lunch together can go a long way in building strong teams. It’s so much more than just eating together—it’s the concept of taking time off to take a break with your coworkers during a busy day. Whether it’s every day, for special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries, or even just occasionally, eating together has its benefits.

Also studied: Kevin Knifein and his team at Cornell University set up a firehouse to see how eating together might increase teamwork. They found that “field research shows a significant positive relationship between [eating together] and work-group performance.” 2. play pub trivia

2. Play pub trivia

A fun activity whether you include drinks or not, playing a round of pub trivia can promote teamwork in a low-stakes environment. Did you know that your teammates can list each of Britney Spears’ albums and the year they were released? now you do! Check out Geeks Who Drink for an invigorating night at the bar, use Jack box Games for live trivia games with your phone, and try Water Cooler Trivia for weekly team trivia challenges.

3. Chat donut Leave it to technology.

At Bonusly, we use Donut to connect team members who don’t interact often. It’s a great way to get some one-on-one time and learn more about each other and can lead to a rise in new ideas and collaborations. Remote workers can easily join too! We highly recommend actually eating donuts as your meetup activity, just to get in the spirit.

Team Building Activities

4. Sing your heart out

Get ready to adjust. A study conducted by Oxford University showed that strangers engage faster through singing than other creative activities such as creative writing and crafting. From harmonizing in a company choir to cheering each other up at bar karaoke, there are plenty of ways to break free of those bonds. For those with endorphin calms, there is also the option of karaoke in the private rooms.

5. Tell Office Veterans

Leaving a new hire in their organizational work culture without explaining any of the office’s lingo or specialties may not leave them omitted or purposefully included. They welcome them—and the rest of your team—into your company culture with this Team Building Activities, which is also a game remote workers can easily participate in.

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