What Is Team Building Activities?

The concept of team building involves the use of practical group activities, of a playful and interactive nature, with the objective of strengthening the bonds between the members of a team – and these teams with the others in the company – in order to be able to count on collaborators more engaged, who know how to work as a team and achieve consistent results in a collaborative way.
By “playing” together, participants develop more real relationships and more dynamic interactions, which transforms the experiences into much more effective and lasting learning, bringing to light a true journey of emotional self -knowledge.

Indoor Team Building Activities

1. Icebreaker action: 2 truths and 1 lie
A very simple action that can last 30 minutes, depending on the size of the team, and helps people get to know each other better.
Each member of this indoor team building activity must write on a sheet of paper , without the others seeing, 2 truths about their life and 1 lie, marking which is the false sentence. Afterwards, the volunteer starts the action, reading the 3 sentences and the group has to find out which one is the lie.

The activity continues until everyone reads their sheets.
This dynamic is very interesting because people discover things about their co-workers that they never imagined and, on the other hand, they also discover what people think of them.

2. Workplace integration action: what color is my stapler?
Participants are gathered at a table or room and the facilitator has a list prepared in advance with questions like these:
It is interesting to note how the participants will try to discover the answers to some questions as a group and will realize that they do not reach a consensus, as they do not know many things about their own work environment, a place where they spend many hours of their lives.